The best Facebook marketing service provider for overseas markets in China.

MeetSocial,the largest authorized agency of Facebook, accounts for the largest share in China.

MeetSocial focuses on the business of Facebook, through outstanding services and advanced product technology on Facebook and Instagram platforms, helping Chinese enterprises raise brand reputation and enhance sales in overseas markets, as well as realize globalization development.




    Before expanding to the world, your company needs a professional market and industry analysis, which is the basis of success.

    Meetsocial experts have knowledge of online behavior and marketing trends in Hong Kong, Taiwan , Southeast Asia , North America, Western Europe , Australia , South America, Middle East, Russia , Eastern Europe, Africa among other key markets. With the firsthand support from Facebook’s teams worldwide, Meetsocial helps you to interpret your target markets’ user behaviors and trends.


    An excellent strategy can fully exert the strong marketing power of Facebook and Instagram to help you achieve your target.

    Meetsocial has provided marketing solutions to many well-known brands,in the fields of technology, games, mobile apps, tourism, education, etc. With extensive industry experience and creative knowhow, Meetsocial can tailor a customized digital marketing solution for you.


    High quality of advertising material is one of the most important keys to marketing success.

    Meetsocial has the creative talent producing unique marketing material for Facebook ads. Guided by foreign team, advertising material is "localized" to fit different markets, and thus far more than 30.000 great designs have been produced. We make your ads more attractive to the Facebook audience.


    Rigorous optimization is used to obtain more advertising return and to realize accurate placements.

    Meetsocial Optimization Team consists of experienced optimization engineers, all of whom hold professional Facebook Blueprint certificates. They have acquired knowledge from both official training and global optimization experience. We constantly improve advertisements’ conversion rates by conducting precise diagnosis and accurate execution.


    Fans page is a necessary platform for you to communicate with your users, as social marketing is the main trend in building a brand image.

    Meetsocial has a specialized social marketing team, which focuses on operating fans page on Facebook and Instagram, even in minority language areas. Not only can we create high quality posts and activities, but also, we can find the best social influencers in different industries and provide the best interactive service.


    Through Meetsocial, get access to Facebook marketing easily and efficiently

    As an authorized Facebook agent, we make it possible for you to open an account promptly, carefully guide background operations, publish online advertisements and assist in installing conversion tracking. Attentive service is offered to help you promote your brand worldwide.